September 15

The GOA Big History Blog, Issue #1

GOA is a consortium of independent schools around the world, each pursuing academic excellence in its own way. I marvel daily at the abundance of intellectual resources that comprise GOA. And although our schools and our teachers may not be able to visit each other’s physical campuses, we can (we must!) find ways for them to […]

September 05

4 Examples: Making Online Professional Development Count

By Emily Hamlin, Instructional Designer Small tweaks can accumulate into big changes. Maybe we’ve heard this before in the context of diet and exercise, the power of the everyday language we use, car maintenance, flossing … and yet when it comes to online learning environments we sometimes approach it as an “all or nothing” endeavor. […]

August 07

Making an Online Faculty Room Successful

By Eric Hudson, Dean of Instruction Where and how faculty gather are critical factors in the life of a school. In an environment where time can be scarce and adult connection can be fleeting, a faculty room serves a variety of purposes: as a hub for information and communication, as a place to encourage adults […]

August 05

Personal Reflections: Participating in Online Professional Development

By Amy Hollinger, Director of Professional Development In my role as Director of Professional Development for Global Online Academy I am constantly striving to continue my own professional growth, especially in the online environment. Recently I had the opportunity to be a participant in one of our GOA online PD courses, “Coaching Innovation.” I chose […]

July 24

BIG History is here!

By Jake Clapp, Academic Dean My colleague Susan Fine and I, along with three History teachers – Beth Calderone (The Blake School, MN), Ben Watsky (King’s Academy, Jordan), and Tim Morford (Columbus Academy, OH) – spent July 8-10 planning an interscholastic version of 9th grade Big History. Big History is, in a nutshell, a modern origin story – a compaction […]

July 11

Images from our 4th Annual Teacher Training Workshop, June 2014 – Bainbridge Island, WA

  By Maggie Anderson, Program Manager Each year, since launching Global Online Academy, we’ve hosted an in-person teacher training workshop as the culminating event in our Teacher Training Program. This June marked the 4th anniversary of the in-person Teacher Training Workshop, which is an all-hands-on-deck, week-long bonanza, with a blend of intensive workshops, 1-on-1 instructional […]

June 05

Gallery of Student Work 2013-14 (Part 1)

By Maggie Anderson, Program Manager What were you doing one year ago? One year ago this week, three of us on the GOA staff team started our journey here at Global Online Academy. What a year it has been! The highlight of our days often come from having the chance to witness the innovation, creativity, […]

May 27

Rolling Out Social Features in Canvas LMS – A Step by Step Guide

By Jake Clapp, Academic Dean A perpetual question that we face as designers of online instruction, in the era of rapidly evolving communications technologies and learning management systems is: what is the best way to roll out the social features of the learning management system during an online course? We want to orient students comfortably, not […]

May 15


BY ARI WORTHMAN | DIRECTOR OF COLLEGE COUNSELING, LAKESIDE SCHOOL These days in selective applicant pools, tons of students have high grades, scores and great curricula.  Having those pieces makes you admissible, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be admitted.  You need something else to make you jump off the page: great flare or […]

May 01

Are you harnessing online environments for reflective professional growth?

By Amy Hollinger, Director of Professional Development   By now the majority of us in the education community have heard the term reflective educator. Many times we have also heard this term associated with our own professional growth. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to consider themselves reflective? Someone who: sets aside time each day […]