Gallery of Student Work 2013-14 (Part 1)

MaggieBy Maggie Anderson, Program Manager

What were you doing one year ago? One year ago this week, three of us on the GOA staff team started our journey here at Global Online Academy. What a year it has been! The highlight of our days often come from having the chance to witness the innovation, creativity, and hard work from the students and teachers we have the pleasure of working with. Classes wrapped up at the end of April, and since then, we continue to explore examples of great student work from the 2013-14 school year.

We’ve plucked a few examples to share with our broader online community. In the following two examples, students show and tell what it means to Learn it, Look in, and Look out.


For the final project in Graphic Design, Glenda Baker from American School in Japan had students tackle their final project either from a visual journalism & information design perspective, a design for a change or cause perspective, or to design for a client brief.

Students embarked on a 5 step process, which included research, developing a pitch, attending a google hangout meeting with their ‘design squad’, and contributing an album to the course community that captured photos and screenshots of all stages of their  project.

In the example below, Lyra K. (a junior at The Dalton School in New York) presents her final project – a Map of the top 20 Food Trucks in New York City, including the locations they visit each week. Getting input from peers was an important part of this process. Lyra candidly admitted that really enjoyed the software for design, and that prior to her GOA course she had no experience doing digital graphic design.

In reflecting on their experience in the Graphic Design course, another student had this to say,

“I think that GOA has really changed my perspective on what online learning is, as you are able to make friends and learn from not only the teacher but your fellow students as well.”

-Student, Global Online Academy Graphic Design

Lyra K. The Dalton School (Global Online Academy Graphic Design – Spring 2014)



In Fiction Writing, Jen Neubauer from the Dalton School (New York),created space for a tight knit community of authors who shared valuable perspective and feedback in this workshop-style writing course. As part of the final assignment, students created a short author’s bio and reflection on their experience learning with Global Online Academy.

The following is an excerpt from a short story written by Tanya C. (Latin School of Chicago).


Her nail polish had chipped into the shape of a heart on her thumb. It was black,

and she hadn’t been to the salon in five weeks. Her hair came down to her shoulder

blades now. The sensation of his hands running through it came to mind just as the

“Yes,” she said, blinking the memory away. The nurse started listing off Nancy’s

results and watched her fidgeting hands the entire time she talked. Nancy wished she

would look her in the eyes so she could feel like a person.

“I’m twenty-one you know,” she interrupted.

“I look young, but I’m twenty-one and I have my own apartment and a job.”

The nurse nodded once and smiled tightly, the kind of smile that is so filled with pity it

creates a very particular kind of hatred. She kept on going about Nancy’s choices, and

how she should contact the father even if he wasn’t in the picture, and buy all the right

supplements, and watch her diet more carefully, and all the while Nancy looked at the

poster on the door. It showed the shape of a fetus over time, what parts show up when,

how a woman is feeling as things change inside of her.

-Tanya C., Fiction Writing (Latin School of Chicago)

As part of the final assignment, students created a short author’s bio and reflection on their experience learning with Global Online Academy.



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