Growing Right

Michael NachbarBy Michael Nachbar, Executive Director

March 12 marked GOA’s third anniversary. When GOA began, we were just ten schools spanning two countries and nine states.

Today, Global Online Academy includes students and teachers from 4 continents, 9 countries, and 24 states. Over 900 students have taken our courses, and we’re hoping to have over 1000 students register next year in the 57 classes we’re offering! We are currently 50+ member schools strong.

Our focus when we began remains our focus now: to offer students from around the globe the highest quality online classes possible taught by great teachers.

We continue to believe that hiring the best teachers from our member schools and offering them robust, meaningful training and support will ensure our students have the best possible learning experience. In addition to the 60+ hours of training teachers participate in before a course launches, we work with faculty during the term both one-on-one and as a cohort. Teachers work with someone on our instructional design team to discuss assessments, content curation, video creation, and course design. They also work with our Academic Dean to conduct action research so teachers can “design and implement their own inquiry into” elements of their teaching and the student experience.

As part of our growth this coming year we’ve brought on two new instructional designers who will make up our three-person instructional design team. With 57 teachers teaching courses next year, we are as committed to ensuring the quality of our classes as ever and are excited about working closely with all of our teachers.

Stay tuned as we introduce our new team members in the next few weeks.